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Depositing via Bitcoin (BTC) – EmpowerFX

Modified on: 30th August 2023

EmpowerFX allows traders to use Bitcoin (BTC) as a Deposit Method. To deposit Bitcoin (BTC) into your EmpowerFX Account, there is a 1.5% Deposit Fee. You can click here to learn more about our Deposit Fees. To deposit via Bitcoin (BTC) follow these steps:

  • Set Up a Wallet with the Waller Provider of your choice.
  • Access the “Deposit Funds”
  • Choose the Deposit Method.
  • Enter the Deposit Amount.
  • Click the “Redirect Me to the Payments Page”.

Direct Deposit to Trading Account (Optional)

We recommend that all our traders utilize our new feature which allows you to directly deposit to your Trading Account:

  • Locate the “Add Money” section.
  • Click on “Platform”.

You will now be redirected to a page displaying your unique Bitcoin Address. To complete the deposit, please do the following:

  • Open your Wallet Provider’s interface.
  • Select the Send option (or its equivalent).
  • Enter the Bitcoin Address/Scan the QR Code.

What Happens If the Window Displaying the Bitcoin Address Closes?

If the window that displays the Bitcoin Address closes, follow these steps:

  • Return to the “Deposit Funds”
  • Locate the Pending Deposit Request.
  • Scroll to the right-hand side, and click the “Pay” button.
  • Your Bitcoin Address will be displayed once more.

How Do I Know If My Deposit Is Successful?

Once the funds have been sent, the Deposit Status will change to “Waiting Confirmation”. This means that the Blockchain Network has started to process your Deposit Transaction. If the Deposit Status is still “Waiting Approval” this indicates that the funds have not left your Wallet Provider.

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