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With EmpowerFX’s PAMM Accounts everyone benefits. Whether you have just discovered trading or you have years of experience behind you, there is great earning potential for both Investors and Money Managers.

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Empower Yourself with PAMM

Enjoy Extra Earnings Without Putting In The Work

Kick back and relax as your funds are invested efficiently by a money manager.

Why Choose EmpowerFX
Money Manager
Get Paid For Your Expertize

Earn commissions while investing funds from a money pool on behalf of traders.

100% Transparency
The Broker
EmpowerFX’s Role

EmpowerFX bridges the gap between traders and money managers so that both parties can benefit exclusively.

Who Are PAMM Accounts For?

New Traders

Do you want to trade but lack the confidence and experience? You can still benefit from the markets using PAMM Accounts and the expertise of a money manager!

Follow the below steps to get started:

  1. Fund your account and make an internal transfer to your PAMM Investor Account.
  2. Allocate your money into a PAMM Funds Account.
  3. Wait for a trading expert to invest your money smartly. Enjoy!
Deposit Funds Into Your PAMM Account

Traders benefit from the markets using PAMM Accounts

Money Manager - PAMM Accounts

Expert Traders

Do you have a good track record of trades under your belt? We have an opportunity for you to earn money doing what you love! Become a PAMM Manager and earn commission from a pool of funds deposited by Investors!

Follow the below steps to get started:

  1. Log in to your EmpowerFX account and create a PAMM Account.
  2. Invest the funds and generate profits, using your experience and skills.
  3. Enjoy the commissions from the profits you make!
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