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It is believed that Buddhist monks have been trying to master their emotions and thoughts as early as 5000BC. Nowadays, meditation attracts millions of practitioners every day...
3 years ago
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The Future of Trading is Here

What You’ll Learn
  1. Who are EmpowerFX
  2. Why Trade with Us

Trading has been evolving at a pace unmatched in recent years. What once was an elitist activity can now be done from your phone, with a reasonable income. That increase in reach has welcomed traders from every walk of life, different places, and cultures, creating a plural, modern, and the ever-evolving environment with opportunities for all. 

At EmpowerFX, we aim to provide a modern, safe and innovative platform for traders both experienced and new to thrive on the markets. After years of experience conquering the Forex, Crypto, and Stock Markets, our team has developed a trading service that will maximize your potential.


Feel Empowered with Advanced Technology & Ultimate Security

With our top-of-the-line technology and segregated accounts, you can safely invest and be sure that your funds are held with security, integrity & transparency. Our trading conditions are unmatched in the market, with some of the fastest speeds for both deposits and withdraws paired up with a deep understanding of trading mindset & global markets.

A Team of Trading Specialists 24/7

Our mission is simple but no less ambitiousEmpowerFX aims to revolutionize the way you trade, we are committed to providing the tools, education, and platforms that allow you to feel empowered. To better fulfill our audience’s needs, we established a 24/7 multi-lingual support team that is on hand for all your queries big or small. 

Trading Accounts for Every Need

We also streamlined the process of creating accounts and getting ready for the markets – without compromising an inch of security. In minutes, you will have your new live trading account, or perhaps you prefer to test the waters risk-free on our demo accounts enjoying the tightest spreads available in the industry.

More Reasons to Choose EmpowerFX

Your needs are front and centre with us. We believe in an honest & transparent approach to our customers. We are continuously enhancing our platform so that we can provide you with the best possible service. We only work with the best and most advanced financial players allowing us to deliver great returns at minimal risk.

Earn Commissions Doing What you Love

The EmpowerFX Introduction Broker program offers unique opportunities for traders to make more from their trading. By referring new traders to our platform, you will earn commissions and keep a passive income flowing while being able to track in real-time your network’s success.

To our top traders, our Affiliate network program has perks and benefits to make your community reach new heights. We provide exclusive support, competitive and reliable commissions, exclusive and high-quality assets to boost your outreach, and trading conditions unmatched by any other broker.

Don’t leave your dreams for tomorrow, join EmpowerFX and unlock your true potential today.