Account - General Queries

Account - General Queries 7

Changing Your Personal Details – EmpowerFX
Changing personal information on EmpowerFX? Our Support Team is here to help. Reach out anytime via Live Chat or email for prompt assistance.
Adding Funds to a Demo Account? – EmpowerFX
While EmpowerFX doesn't allow adding funds to existing Demo Accounts, you can effortlessly set up a new Demo Account to continue your trading simulations.
Transferring Your Funds from the Trading Platform to Wallet
Before attempting to transfer your funds to your wallet, please ensure that all your trades have been closed. Once your trades are closed,...
Transferring Your Funds from Wallet to Wallet
Before attempting to transfer your funds to a different currency wallet, please ensure that the funds are available in your main wallet. When...
Types of Internal Transfers
On your account, you are able to perform three types of Internal Transfers. For detailed guides explaining the process in-depth, please view the...
Phone Number not Being Accepted?
When entering your phone number, please ensure: You DO NOT enter the + symbol or 00 at the beginning of your number. You...
Finding your Support Pin
When chatting to one of our agents via Live Chat, you may be asked for your support pin to assist you with your...

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