TradeLocker 15

Add Funds to My Account Directly From TradeLocker – EmpowerFX
Add funds quickly to your trading account directly from TradeLocker. Follow this useful guide and start trading hassle-free today!
Checking Market Status on TradeLocker – EmpowerFX
EmpowerFX values your market awareness. Keep track of market status effortlessly by logging into your TradeLocker Account. Access the Dollar button, browse pairs, and note the color - grey for closed markets. Empower your trading journey with informed decisions.
Checking Open & Closed Positions on TradeLocker – EmpowerFX
EmpowerFX puts you in charge of your trading journey. Access your Open & Closed Positions effortlessly through the TradeLocker platform. Just tap the 4 Horizontal Lines, switch positions, tap to manage, and close trades with the 'X' Button. We're here to empower your trading success!
Taking a Screenshot of a Chart on TradeLocker
EmpowerFX provides you with the ability to take a snapshot of any Pair/Instrument on the Trading Chart, giving you the freedom to save...
Placing a Trade on TradeLocker
Step by Step Guide: How to Place a Trade on EmpowerFX Click on the “$” symbol and search for a Pair or Instrument that you...
Navigating TradeLocker’s Interface
Here’s a guide to understanding the TradeLocker user interface: Section 1: Margin and P/L Overview: Take control of your trading by viewing your available margin,...
TradeLocker, EAs, and Bots
EmpowerFX believes in the power of automated trading systems and is dedicated to making EAs and trading bots accessible to our traders. We...
Enable or Disable One-Click Trading on TradeLocker
How to Enable or Disable One-Click Trading on EmpowerFX: Access your EmpowerFX TradeLocker account. Locate the currency icon on the top right-hand side of your screen. Choose...
Personalizing your Charts on TradeLocker
Step-by-Step Guide: How to Customize Charts on TradeLocker with EmpowerFX Log in to your EmpowerFX account and navigate to the TradingView chart section. Choose...

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