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Checking Open & Closed Positions on TradeLocker – EmpowerFX

Modified on: 6th December 2023

Do you want to take control of your trading experience? Follow these simple steps to check your Open & Closed Positions on EmpowerFX through the TradeLocker Platform:

  • Click on the 4 Horizontal Lines (bottom right-hand corner of your screen).
  • Easily switch between viewing your Open & Pending Positions.
  • Tap on your desired Trading Position.
  • To close any trade, simply tap on the “X” Button to close it.

Note: If you need to copy the Trade ID – tap on the ID Button to easily share it with our Support Team if needed.

We at EmpowerFX do our utmost to help our traders, providing them with a platform where they can easily manage their Open & Closed Trading Positions.

Empowering you and all our other traders to take full control of their trading journey!

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