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Deposit Not Available in Wallet? – EmpowerFX

Modified on: 30th August 2023

If you deposited to your EmpowerFX Account, please take note of the deposit duration:

  • Cryptocurrency Deposits: 1 to 3 hours (Receival).
  • Cryptocurrency Deposits: 3 to 6 hours (Confirmation i.e. Network Processing).

If after the timeframe, the Deposited Funds have not arrived in your Wallet, please ensure:

  • The Transaction Address is correct.
  • The Transaction Address is unused and unique.
  • Funds were sent as Bitcoin (BTC), not Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • You can check the Transaction Process on the Blockchain or Blockchair website.

Note: Check the number of confirmations (there must be a minimum of 3).

The Payment Status on your Deposit Request will appear as follows:

Waiting for Approval

When you make a deposit, this will be the first status. The funds have not yet been received and are not being processed on the Blockchain Network. Click on “Pay” next to the Deposit Request to finalize the payment.

Waiting Confirmation

This status confirms that the funds were received and are being processed on the Blockchain Network (3 to 6 hours). Once the funds are processed, your EmpowerFX Account will be automatically credited.


The funds have been approved and are available in your Wallet!


The Deposit Request timed out or was canceled by the trader.


The Deposit Request was rejected. The reason for the rejection can be found in the comment section and in the email rejection which was sent.

We hope this guide was helpful! Learn about EmpowerFX’s Deposit Fees.

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