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Deposit Bitcoin using Credit/Debit Card (Method 1) – EmpowerFX

Modified on: 30th August 2023

To Deposit Funds to your EmpowerFX Account via Bitcoin with a Credit/Debit Card through one of our providers, you will need to do the following:

  • Click on “Deposit Funds”.
  • Select “Bitcoin via Credit/Debit Card”.
  • Select a Wallet.
  • Insert the Deposit Amount.
  • Click the “Redirect Me to Payment Page”.

Direct Deposit to Trading Account (Optional)

We recommend that all our traders utilize our new feature which allows you to directly deposit to your Trading Account:

  • Locate the “Add Money” section.
  • Click on “Platform”.

Sign-Up to Provider’s Website

If you haven’t signed up on the provider’s website:

  • Click Sign-Up.
  • Create & Verify an account.
  • Add a valid Credit/Debit Card.
  • Continue your Deposit Request from your EmpowerFX Account.
  • If you have already Signed Up, click “Proceed”.

Note: Restrictions may be applicable to certain regions, please contact the Provider for additional information.

Payment Details

  • Select Credit/Debit Card as your Payment Method.
  • Choose your Card/Debit Card.
  • Accept the Terms of Service.
  • Click “Pay Now”.
  • Confirm by clicking “Pay Now” once more.

Important Information

For information about Bitcoin Payments, please read this guide about Deposit Methods.

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