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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication via an Authenticator App on mobile

The first step to being able to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via an Authenticator App on your mobile device is to download a 3rd-party application of your choice. Finding the right application can be done with a quick search on the internet. 

In the guide below the Google Authenticator App was used as an example.

Once your Authenticator App has been downloaded, login to your EmpowerFX account and start by:

  • Accessing the SETTINGS tab, SECURITY section.
  • In case the Authenticator App has been already installed on your mobile device, click/tap the LINK button. Otherwise, tap the DOWNLOAD GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR button.
  • You can now follow our 6-step tutorial or tap the SKIP THE TUTORIAL button to continue.
  • After checking our tutorial steps, tap the START 2FA VERIFICATION button


  • You would need to copy the unique code.


  • Leave your browser open and navigate to your Authenticator App. Select an option to enter the code from your EmpowerFX account.
  • Enter any name of your choice for the EmpowerFX account, and paste the code.
  • Click/tap the ADD or OK button.
  • Authenticator App will generate a 6-digit code, you would need to copy it.
  • Go back to your EmpowerFX account, tap the LINK button and paste the 6-digit code.


  • Click/tap the SUBMIT button.


When everything has been set up, you will receive a notification at the top of your account to confirm that your 2FA has been enabled!

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