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Explaining the “Partially close Positions before Executing Withdrawal Requests” Feature

If the Money Manager is trading and suddenly an Investor would like to withdraw, once the withdrawal is approved all positions will be stopped out if there are not enough funds to back the ongoing positions.

To prevent this from happening, the Money Manager may set up this setting called “Partially close Positions before Executing Withdrawal Requests” which will close out the number of positions partial to the amount withdrawn.

EXAMPLE: Since the Investor took out 20% of the Fund, if the Money Manager was trading with 10 lots, the position will be halved so it will be automatically reduced to 8 lots.

To enable this setting, you will need to:

  • Access the Fund.
  • Click the 3 DOTS and choose EDIT.
  • Tick the setting.
  • Click SAVE.
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