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Withdrawing your Funds via Bitcoin

Before attempting to withdraw your funds, kindly ensure that the funds are available in your wallet.

To withdraw your funds, start by:

  • Accessing the WITHDRAW tab.
  • Select the withdrawal METHOD.
  • Select the WALLET you would like to withdraw from.
  • Enter the AMOUNT you would like to withdraw.
  • Click on the REQUEST WITHDRAWAL button.

You will now need to enter the Bitcoin address provided by your wallet provider in the field.

In case you accidentally closed the window with a Bitcoin address, you can go back to your WITHDRAW tab, find the request you were going to process, scroll to the right side of the page and click/tap the FILL INFO button. The window to enter your BTC address will appear again.

Your withdrawal will now be in the queue for processing. Please allow our payments team 24 hours to approve or reject your request. You will receive an email when an update to your request has been made.

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