Inspire Others to Trade: A Guide to Forex Affiliation

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3 years ago
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*EmpowerFX would like to highlight the importance of doing your own research before following any information hereby given. Any statements made in this article for entertainment purposes only and not for traders to use to influence their trades. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

A Guide to Forex Affiliation

You will learn: 
  1. What is Forex Affiliation
  2. The benefits of becoming a Forex Affiliate
  3. Tips for increasing your earnings

There is no greater power than the power of we. Collectivity gives us the power to reach goals that would be impossible to reach on our own. This belief is at the core of EmpowerFX. It is one of the drivers that propelled us to create a platform where everyone can succeed. We have created a dynamic affiliate program to give you the opportunity to earn money by doing something that you love.

Curious to see what this is all about? Read on to learn all about it.

Defining Forex Affiliation

So, what is Forex Affiliation?  Forex Affiliation can be described as a performance-driven marketing tool through which participating individuals promote a brand, product, or service and receive a reward for every referred individual that makes a purchase or joins. An individual that participates in such a scheme is referred to as an Introducing Broker (IB).

At this point, you are probably asking how does it work? The process could not be simpler; once you sign up for an affiliate account with an external trading site or trading platform (don’t worry it takes only 5 minutes to do), you can start sharing your unique referral link with other traders. In turn, you will receive commissions for every trader that starts trading through your referral link.

Your Lifestyle, Your Rules

With increasingly shifting income opportunities, it is now increasingly possible to imagine a scenario where your earnings are not necessarily dependant on a 9 to 5 model. Indeed, many opportunities allow you to work from any location that you choose, provided that you have a good internet connection and a laptop. Forex affiliation is one of these options.

Many individuals who are passionate about trading have been able to add a solid revenue source simply by sharing this passion with their network.

The Benefits

Affiliation is a great way in which to add a second revenue stream or perhaps even a primary income revenue. There are many benefits that Empower IBs can take advantage of; industry-leading trading conditions, competitive commissions, and uncapped rebates are some of the top  These are not the only things that our IBs benefit from. For instance, our specialist team is on hand 24/7 to discuss any queries that you might have and a broad range of high-quality marketing assets is at your disposal to create engaging content.

Don’t forget that through your account, you can track your referrals in real-time and earn commissions from their trades.

Top Affiliation Tips

What is the common denominator that unifies all successful IBs? Obviously, your unique traits are your best calling card. However, these tips will surely help you to make an impression with your network:

1. Provide value

People naturally gravitate to resources that answer their queries, help them to learn, and give them something of value. So, by creating high-value content, you will be able to consolidate your following and in turn the potential number of individuals that use your referral link.

2. Consistency wins

The more consistent you are with your content, the more likely you are to garner a loyal following. It’s very difficult to gather momentum with sporadic content, so make sure to create a well-planned content calendar that distributes your content regularly.

3. Eye on the prize

Success is not something that can be achieved overnight but hardwork and passion are the magic formula to get where you want to be. So don’t stop believing in yourself, put in the effort and then reap the rewards.

Together, we are building a community of empowered traders that are working to reach for their dreams. Sharing our goal with your community and power up your dreams too!

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