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Withdrawing Offers back to your Account

Modified on: 9th June 2023

An Offer is a term used for fees that may be charged within the Fund. A Manager may withdraw their earned fees at any time.

The earned fees are available in the Fund. If they are not withdrawn from the fund, they will become part of the Pool of Funds. With this being said, this will allow you to become an investor with the share of fees earned.

The AUTOMATICALLY WITHDRAW FEES option will send all fees directly to the Manager account.

Enable the automatically withdraw fees option by:

  • Clicking on the  button.
  • Select the EDIT option.


  • Click on SAVE.


You may also manually withdraw the fees by:

  • Selecting the WITHDRAW option on the “” button.


  • Enter the amount you would like to withdraw.
  • Click on the WITHDRAW button.

Your funds are now available in your Manager account. For guidance on transferring them to your wallet, CLICK HERE. 

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